Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Deneb and Pooja - September 2020

We had an amazing experience working with Zita. As first time home buyers, we really felt she was our guardian angel throughout the entire process. Zita’s sincerity and passion for what she does so well really shines through – her invaluable guidance and years of experience helped us find the home we were looking for. A gem of a professional she was very responsive, answered all our questions and helped us make the right decisions every step of the way. Most of all, Zita really cared for us, took the time to understand our needs and really delivered at every key point along the way. We are so happy to have worked with her and will continue to do so for our future real estate dealings. We would most definitely recommend her wonderful services to one and all.

By: Sudhanshu and Arpana D – (Buyer - Investor 2020)

We have had the experience of working with Zita on five transactions, starting from our first home, to upgrade and then leasing. That in itself is a testimonial of her services. She is really diligent in understanding and upholding her clients needs and interests to the smallest detail, be it buying, selling or leasing. She is equally resourceful in terms of connecting you with the best legal, mortgage or other professional needs, should you need them. Thanks so much Zita!

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

By: Madhukar and Jasmine K – (Buyer 2020)

Thanks to Zita for helping us finding our first home. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. We met her at an open house and she was the only realtor whom we had met without a referral and it clicked right away. Her experience in the field and work ethic with are her strongest assets. She is a true professional who puts her clients' needs and comfort before anything else. She was very diligent in sending us the most recent listings everyday and going an extra step for doing the market research for the houses she knew we would like more than others. She would always make time to drive across town for regular showings to suit our calendars. Even in these uncertain times during the pandemic, she made sure the house closed in time without any issues. Thank you again for patiently guiding us through each and every step in the entire process. Our friendship and partnership will continue way beyond this. Best Regards Jasmine and Madhukar May 2020

By: Jayakumar K – (Buyer 2020)

Zita, we want to thank you, for helping us selecting a suitable house at a good location and decent price. Given the heated market condition, this was not an easy task, adding winter and a large number of offers that got into the multiple scenario, added to the timeline. However your advise, perseverance, data sharing and knowledge of the market helped us go through the process. Above of all we wanted to appreciate your friendly approach and availability. Thank you! We will definitely be not only using your services going forward but we will recommend your services to our friends, colleagues and anyone that is looking for a great real estate professional with your patience, perseverance and human approach. Thank you again.

By: Falon and Damion D (Buyer/Seller – 2019)

We found great comfort in trusting Zita with the buying and selling of our family home. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and problem solving skills relieved our stress and quickly guided us to our dream home. Zita referred us to a trusted home inspector as well as a staging consultant, allowing us to quickly declutter and spruce things up which helped portray our home in the best light. We were ultimately able to sell our home above asking within 5 days. Zita reminded us of our budget and kept us focused on finding the right home, in the right neighbourhood, at the right price. Her straight-forward attitude and industry knowledge made for smooth negotiations. I truly hope that this is our forever home, however if we were to purchase another property, we would confidently leave everything in her hands. In addition, no hesitation at all in referring her services to friends, family and anyone else who is looking to great service from a trustworthy real estate professional. Damion and Falon

By: Nicole D – (Buyer – 2019)

Zita is the person to go to when you need to buy a house. Moving to Canada as a new immigrant, we were not aware of anything about buying a home. Zita went above and beyond to ensure that we got all the right information, which ensured that we bought the right home which suited our every need. From sending us house listings to coming and picking us up to show us all the houses we wanted to see, she made sure that we were seeing the right houses and areas to live in. From the time we put in the bid to the point of closing the deal, zita ensured that everything went off smoothly. Thanks to zita, we have now moved into our very own place which we probable call our HOME.

By: Shaun S. – (Buyer – 2019)

Zita Maben is a realtor who was a blessing to me and my wife. She is an extremely honest, friendly and easy to talk to person who helps you to smoothly transition through the tricky/unfamiliar business of buying a house in a new country. We were new immigrants, having just arrived in Ontario, Canada, who under her guidance and advice were successful, without facing any road-bumps able to buy a condo in Canada within 4 months of having just landed which was truly unreal. She went above and beyond what other realtors do to keep us updated every single day and every step of the way with regards to various units coming on/going off the real estate market and their associated history. She also sent us a lot of material to help us get familiar with the whole process and how things work here. We were also provided ample guidance with regards to mortgages, lawyers as well as inputs on useful places to buy furniture and other stuff which would be required to set us up in our new house which shows her personal touch. Through her many years of experience in this business, she passed on her wisdom about various units and she was always approachable to be contacted should we have any queries, doubts or clarifications. There wasn't a single call, text or email that went unanswered. We cannot thank her enough for her help and hope that many people like us would be able to benefit from this wonderful real estate broker.

By: Ananad B. – (Buyer / Investor – 2019)

One of the most honest and dedicated property agents in the market. A thorough professional. Love working with her. No pressure any time. We sold our house with her and now she has done it again, helped us buy our first investment property. She helped us from the beginning to the end, we do mean this. We are residing in US right now. Zita was able to send us the properties that would bring us a high ROI. She inspected the property for us, and we did the deal without having to come in person to finalize the deal. She saved us a lot of time, money and effort. We trusted her opinion, professional advice and invested in the property. Thank you Zita for your great work! We will not hesitate to put you to work again when we are ready to invest in our second income producing property.

By: Joe J – (Buyer 2018)

I worked with Zita assigning my difficult task of finding a home of my choice. My priority was a trustworthy representative to meet expectation with less worries and my precious time. She managed it well with lots of guidance and sharing important market and in depth info that a home owner needs to understand before owning home, a valuable life time investment. It all worked out well and am happy to have chosen her services. A word of endorsement ... "I would not hesitate to recommend anybody genuinely looking for reliable and trustworthy realtor", I wish success in her business prospects.

By: Cleta and Denver S – (Buyer / Sellers 2018)

It’s been a pleasure to buy (upgrade) and sell our home through Zita in 2018 . Zita also helped us buy our first home in 2011 . Zita has been very professional throughout the process and the best part that we love about Zita is her sense of time and she always makes herself available to you and your needs . She was always available anytime we wanted to see houses on the market with a very short notice . This was the first time we sold our house through her and she made sure that the house was priced correctly , the pictures were excellent and dealt the whole process in an excellent manner and was always ready to answer all our questions any time of the day . This ensured that the house was sold in a couple of days which avoided a big stress for us . She also helped us put an offer to the new property on the same day of listing and helped us secure the perfect home that met all our needs . Zita is very dedicated to her work and clients . Thank you Zita for again being a part of the process of buying and selling our house . You have patiently helped us throughout this journey ! Thanks Cleta and Denver Saldanha 2019

By: Gerry and Bev L – (Sellers 2018)

Zita is a true professional and was a pleasure to work with. She was always available when we had questions and kept us informed about the housing market at all times. Zita has many years of experience and has a wealth of knowledge that is a benefit to any home buyer or seller. We were glad to have her as our Sales Representative and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated professional. Gerry & Bev January 2019

By: Erica L (Buyer -2018)

Zita, you are a true professional. It was our pleasure to work with you. We will be working with you in the future with our real estate needs.

By: Veronica D – (Buyer / Seller / Buyer)

“We were grateful for Zita’s expertise in our search for a new home. We were not sure what city or type of home we wanted at first, but Zita was patient with us through the entire process. She was incredibly professional in her recommendations and advice and never made us feel pressured. She responded to our questions and arrived to scheduled meetings promptly. When it came time to make offers, Zita was supportive of what we were comfortable offering and made sure to review details with us closely so that we were confident in our submission. When we did find the right home, Zita made sure we met important deadlines despite our busy schedules by sending us documents to review and sign online - which worked perfectly! Zita’s knowledge and experience certainly made finding a new home less stressful, and her calm and warm demeanor made working with her a pleasure.

By: Gladys K – (Buyer / Investor) - 2017

I was recommended by a family member to use the services of Zita Maben when I was discussing my plans to buy an investment condo. Zita guided me and directed me to purchase a new build. She researched the builders and recommended that I use only the builders who have a good reputation and the buildings are built to the purchasers satisfaction. I only signed the contract with the builder and Zita took it over from there. Today I am glad that I used her services. Zita is continuing to help me with renting the place to AAA+ clients and I have no worries absolutely whatsoever. Thank you Zita. I will recommend your services to anybody that is thinking about real estate among our friends, family and co-workers.

By: Lisa G – (Seller 2017)

I first met Zita when my Mom and sister listed their house. I was very impressed at her thoroughness with the market compares so that she could show us how much the house would be worth. Her professionalism, patience and caring continued through to the end and she even helped my Mom find a house to lease which I'm sure is not ANY real estate agents favorite thing to do. Once you are part of Zita's "family", she will take care of you no matter what the request. So of course when it was time for my husband and I to list our house, we called Zita up. Our sense of well-being with choosing her and the trust we had and still have with Zita, helped us through a very stressful time. Zita respects your choices and gives you the pros and cons but never judges you. She gently will guide but will never push. In the end her instincts and experience were bang on and we did amazingly well with the sale of our house. Zita exceeded our expectations!! I have called upon Zita for other things that are house related and although I have moved out of the area, Zita has continued to provide me with support. Once the sale is final, it is not final to Zita. She will assist you in any way she can and if she can't help, she will get you in contact with someone who can. You are IMPORTANT to her. I could sit here and gush on and on about her! She is a true gem in a market that is saturated with real estate agents that are only interested in getting the biggest commission they can. I would recommend Zita to anyone as I can assure you that she will care for you, respect your wishes and follow through and beyond!

By: Pat and Danielle (Seller – 2016)

My daughter and I looked at many Real Estate Agents and selected and interviewed our top 4. Zita was our choice because she was by far the most prepared with her presentation. She literally blew us away with the depth of research, facts and market information. Zita's recommendation that we list with only a few weeks to prepare the house threw us into a panic but Zita guided and supported us calmly through all the phases and the house was listed on time. Her marketing skills generated many showings and a successful sale within 1 day of listing. This daunting journey was steered so well through Zita's knowledge and experience and total consideration for her clients, who to be honest, needed a lot of hand holding and assurance that we could do what we needed to do get into the market in a timely manner. Zita was there for us every step of the way. She also continued to be supportive and diligent in helping me to successfully find an appropriate property to meet my down sizing requirements. Zita has continued to be a reliable, attentive ally, one I would gladly and sincerely refer anyone seeking a true professional to Zita. I will miss you Zita, small but mighty. Thank you, Pat and Danielle

By: Karen N – (Buyer / Investor) - 2018

I met Zita some time ago, but had the pleasure working with her on the purchase of my investment condo. Condominium investment was new to me, but Zita was always one step ahead of us. In addition, she helped us find a lawyer, suggested mortgage brokers, showed us how to navigate the complex system of purchasing a new build and found us great tenants, which was not part of her responsibility. She answered all our questions and handled every situation promptly and professionally. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, professional, real estate agent who respects your wishes and treats you like family, then I highly recommend Zita Maben. I could not have done this without you Zita! Thank you.

By: Nelson P – (Buyer / Investor) - 2016

We worked with Zita Maben to purchase our first condominium in Canada. It was one of the easiest and most pleasant real-estate purchasing experiences that we’ve had. From the beginning Zita worked closely with us to scout properties, sending us appropriate details, making us aware of the pros and cons of each property etc. She provided us with recommendations but gave us time to ruminate and make our own decisions. Not once did she pressurize us or rush us into making a decision. Once we made the decision to purchase, Zita handled all the necessary formalities for us including guiding us with the mortgage process, all the way until the closing. Zita continues to be our real estate agent for our rental property - finding a tenant, following up on any concerns reported by the tenant, ensuring all concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. We have only positive experiences working with Zita and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent

By: Judy D (Buyer / Investor 2016)

Zita helped us with the purchase of our first investment Condo. It is a challenge to be concise in describing all Zita has done for our family. Zita has the unique ability to make us feel as if we were her only client. She is a true professional who cares very much for the clients she serves and delivers on everything she commits to. This is a career for her, not a job. She focuses on continuing education, learning current market trends, house staging, and everything else involved with real estate, just trying to be the best at what she does. We highly recommended Zita to anyone buying or selling a home or for that matter investing into real estate!

By: Shilpa and Sunil – Buyers 2012

We were first time home buyers and referred to Zita by close friends of ours who were her clients themselves. Zita was a pleasure to work with. She guided us throughout the process and upon telling her we didnt want our search to stretch through the months, she worked diligently to ensure we were provided listings on a daily basis. She understood what we were looking for very quickly and filtered down the listings to make our search a lot easier. With her help we found our beautiful new home in just 3 weeks! With only a day on the market and multiple offers on the house, Zita proved to be a tough negotiator and was able to get us the house we wanted. She's very sincere and hardworking and she will do her best to get you what you're looking for . We would definitely recommend her as a realtor

By: Anand B (Buyer / Seller 2012)

It gives me immense pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Zita Maben and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who would be looking to buy or sell a home in GTA. She is a first-class real estate agent and a wonderful person. We (fortunately) met Zita through a very close friend of ours, who also bought a house through Zita, for selling our existing home and purchasing a bigger one. We were very impressed by her courtesy, and the professional approach to the selling process and also the way she explains the details of the entire process. Zita has the ability to screen properties to meet her client's criteria, thus cutting back on needless viewings - so imperative in today's busy market place. We found her to be very professional and always with a cheerful demeanor. She is a person of integrity - more than willing to give extra attention, when required, to her client's concerns. Unlike most of the other agents her services do not stop the minute the deals is done, but she will make sure that you are comfortable in the new house and if there are any post move-in issues she will try her level best to resolve them to your fullest satisfaction.

By: Nancy D (Buyer 2012)

"We do not have enough words to thank you for your assistance in the purchase of our first home, but this testimonial is a token of our appreciation and gratitude for all your efforts, support, patience and personal attention!" You are a wonderful person!! The speed in which everything was done made all the difference. Your referral to the mortgage advisor and supervision with the home inspector made us feel we were working with a trusted agent. We were so thankful by your genuine interest in us not only before but also after the sale as well. You exceeded our expections!! We would have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future to any of our friends or family. Thank you Zita and we wish you all the best.

By: Raisa M – (Buyer / Seller 2011)

It is an absolute pleasure to refer our friends and family to Zita for all of their real estate needs... and it's an honourable referral we can stand behind with tremendous confidence and pride. Zita is very focused on delivering a wow client experience that is personal and high-touch partnership between herself and her buyers and sellers. In fact, I always think of Zita as my professional real estate partner, rather than a traditional client/realtor relationship. I utilized Zita to help me navigate my first home purchase with a brand new build and 4 years later for the sale of that home and a purchase of another home in a completely different part of the GTA. During the 4 years that passed (and to this day), Zita continues to keep in touch with me and connects the real estate needs of my family as we grow and evolve. For example, Zita helped me think through my daily commute, the school district for my children and other services available in the community for their hobbies. At no time did I feel overwhelmed by the process and reflecting back, Zita's personal touch helped me calmly think through one of the most significant decisions in my life. Thanks Zita and looking forward to partnering with you again on my next dream home!

By: Brian F (Buyer / Seller 2012)

It is with great pleasure Brian and I write this letter of recommendation for our real estate agent, Zita Maben - Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, we would highly recommend Zita to help you in this life changing move. The service and personal attention we received from her were exceptional. She greatly assisted in finding the right house in the area we wanted and within our price range, and for the successful sale of our home. She was very patient with us as we spent almost a year looking at properties with her. She never pressured us to buy anything and was always upbeat and supportive of us. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance through the negotiations. Sincerely we wish you all the success in the future.

By: Vinay K (2012 – Buyer)

Thanks so much Zita!! You have supported us more than anyone can ask from a Real Estate professional. This is where Royal LePage can stand tall with amazing people like yourself. It's not what you can sell or buy but how you do it is important. We as Clients expect too much but you put us at ease and that is what is what I admire about you.

By: Clayton P – (Buyer / Seller 2011)

My family and I were in search of our dream home for almost a year. Zita remained patient and prompt through the search process, bringing to our attention new listings and scheduling appointments according to our convenience. While most realtors would have dismissed us as 'passive buyers', Zita understood that we were very selective of the community we wanted to be a part of, the footprint of the home we desired and the changes to our budget as the market was shifting each month. When we finally found a home that suited our family's needs, Zita took care of every detail and educated us on the buying process. Immediately following the purchase, our focus shifted to selling our home and we were able to declutter, spruce up, stage and sell our home in less than 30 days above asking price. The results speak for themselves, but it's Zita's passion for her clients which is the magic behind what can feel like an overwhelming set of transactions. Zita's professionalism, courtesy and service-oriented demeneour allowed us to build a personal relationship with the buyer of our old home and seller of our new home, allowing us to keep in touch with them during the closing period to discuss furniture sales, reno work before moving day and the tips and tricks to maintain all the luxuries of our new home! Glad to always have Zita just a phone call away and we are appreciative of her honest and personal advice.

By: Naveena S (Buyer / Seller 2012)

We recently sold and bought our new home through Zita and her business partner Reynold. Both of them are amazing and we totally appreciate the professionalism that they have showed with both the deals. They did a wonderful job of marketing our townhouse , which was sold in less than a week. We had amazing support from both of them even while we purchased our new home, Zita would spend most of her evenings with us to find the perfect home for us. She always went an extra step to make sure everything was in place with closing, lawyer, bank and the entire process. My daughter who is 2.5 yr old loves her and is always excited to see her, that is the warmth she brings with. Thanks again to both of you and best wishes to you. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.

By: Denver S (Buyer - 2011)

Zita has been a great realtor to us. She clearly understood our needs and helped us select our dream house within our budget. We admire her patience and her advice throughout the process. Being a first time home buyer as well being new to Canada, we were not sure on whether we wanted a condominium or a house and we were evaluating all our options to get the best value for our money. We were also unsure about the location. However, Zita helped us throughout the process by showing us all our options and helping us refine our needs and finally identify and buy our dream house. The best thing about her is she never pushed or rushed us into anything that we were not happy/unsure about and was always available to answer all our doubts even late in the evenings. We would be glad to recommend her services to any home buyer.

By: Nirmala Balu (Buyer 2011)

Hi, my name is Nirmala Balu, we recently purchased our House through Zita Maben, We are extremely happy with the services provided by her. She showed thorough professionalism and dedication, we would happily recommend her name to anyone who are interested in purchasing a property. She has thorough knowledge of property she showed and answered all our questions in a very efficient manner, her dedication towards her clients is simply superb, she takes an extra step to help us with our concerns if any . Her accuracy and punctuality in sending emails and phone calls is definitely something to be appreciative . Her professionalism in getting appointments for showing the property is another important point, which we are very happy about. Any person who is buying a property through her will definitely feel the same.

By: Corneliu C (Seller - 2011)

It is with great pleasure that my husband and I write this letter of recommendation for real estate agent, Zita Maben - Royal LePage Credit Valley Real Estate, Brokerage and I would gladly recommend her services to anyone who would be looking to buy or sell a home in GTA. We met Zita for the selling of our home and were so impressed by her courtesy, advocacy, professional approach to the selling process, knowledge and on a more personal note we have both sincerely enjoyed our conversations and email correspondence. It was nice to learn that she cares and took the time to listen to our needs. From the beginning we experienced top-notch realty expertise, from the numerous real estate documents, the high quality virtual tour and photos, the listing adds and flyers, the Open House and names offered for painters to the wise advice and the daily updates, statistics and phone calls. We were very pleased with the manner in which our home was listed, presented and shown to prospective buyers. Zita sold our home in less than a week and everything went smoothly and we therefore highly recommend her for any real estate need. We met on a business level and we hope that we have developed a friendship that will continue for many years

By: Vinay K (Buyer 2009)

This Aug 28th, 2009 was a day when I saw my mothers dream come true and it gave me an immense pleasure to see how this all unfolded. My mother who is 79 years old always wished for one thing to happen in her life time, that is buying a home which she can call it her own resting place. I was not sure how I would be able help her in this journey. I got introduced to Zita Maben (through my hair dresser) and we decided to go house hunting. When I initially met Zita, I was very hesitant and was hoping that she does not push me too much and make me end up with a deal which I didn't like. As days went by, Zita was extremely cautious not to over do it, she knew my requirements, let me make my own decision while she gave me tips and suggestions in making a decision. Finally, one day we saw this nice condominium and my mom fell in love at first sight and we decided to go for it. Zita was very helpful in the negotiation process, helped me get a mortgage at a low interest rate, found a real estate lawyer to close the deal. We bought the condo, moved in and have settled in. Until today Zita gives me a call or sends me an email to ensure we are okay. I have bought 3 properties so far and never had this experience with any of other the real estate agents. Zita you are such an amazing person and now like my own sister. Thank you so much and I wish you all the success in your career and hope you get to meet people like me, trying to fulfill their dreams and be part of their wonderful journey. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know about my experience with Zita.

By: Lavina S (Buyer 2008)

We were blessed to find both a good home and Zita our realtor who worked closely and patiently with us which was a pleasurable experience. She always came prepared doing her homework well in advance giving us appropriate information on the prospective homes and provided us with local demography and market statistics. After our interactions with her, we found her to be a very helpful person, highly professional, ethical, conscientious and diligent. We would highly recommend our family or friends to engage her for the services she can provide.

By: Levona D

We were blessed to find both a good home and Zita our realtor who worked closely and patiently with us which was a pleasurable experience. She always came prepared doing her homework well in advance giving us appropriate information on the prospective homes and provided us with local demography and market statistics. After our interactions with her, we found her to be a very helpful person, highly professional, ethical, conscientious and diligent. We would highly recommend our family or friends to engage her for the services she can provide.